Sebangan is located in the State of Sarawak, Malaysia.

Numpang Suntai and 14 others, representing 276 Iban families from the 15 longhouse communities of Kampung Entanggor, Ensika, Lumut, Arus Dayak, Tongkah Dayak, Tongkah Dayak Lubuk Manta, Tongkah Dayak Atas, Tongkah Dayak Rumah Panjai, Lunying, Belimbing Besi, Ketimbong and Bajong Ili, Bajong Ili Atas, Bajong Ili Tengah, Bajong Ili Baruh, all situated at Sebangan, Simunjan, Sarawak, filed their civil suit at the Kuching High Court on November 1st, 2010.

This case was heard at Kuching High Court on August 8th though August 19th 2011. This civil court proceeding is far from over. It is to continue on November 8th through 11th, 2011 and will reconvene again on December 19 through December 23rd, 2011.

Named as defendants in the civil suit are Quality Concrete Sdn Bhd the timber concession holder, Loyal Billion Sdn Bhd the logging contractor, 2 government appointed community leaders Penghulu Merum anak Babu and Ketua Kampung Agu anak Kaleng, together with the Director of Foresty and the Sarawak State Government.

The Sebuyau and Sebangan Ibans still need your moral and financial support to fight against illegal loggers. Your contributions will pay for the legal expenses and the cost of transportation, lodging, and food for Sebangan villagers who will be attending the proceedings in Kuching.

We desperately need your support to save our NCR heritages and our prestine environment from further destruction. If we lost this case, we will lost our land and forest to timber tycoons and oil palm plantation owners. Losing this case is losing our life line, our means of survival. Without our land and forests, we the Dayaks, the natives of Borneo, we have nothing.

In the USA please e-mail for postal address and other information. Or you can use Pay Pal by clicking Donate and you can use any credit cards to donate on-line. Thank you for you donations and support.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Here is a picture of my brother Numpang Suntai being chained like common criminal

Here is my brother Numpang Suntai being chained like a common criminal

I will never forget what they did to my brother Numpang Suntai and my relatives in Sebangan as long as I live.  As long as I breath, I will continue fighting for justice and so help me God.
Press Conference on YouTube
WatchNumpang Suntai Press Conference on YouTube

Donations as of December 14th 2010, now stands at 21,874 ringigt.

Thank you so much for your generousity and caring spirit.  Our deepest gratitude and God bless!
Arap ka Petara ngintu kita belama.  Oh ha!

December 2010

1. Apai Christiano from Malaysia donated 100 ringgit.
Donation from an anonymous donor "Digg" from Selangor, Malaysia is $50USD
3.      Jenn Shing Ng from Portland, Oregon, USA donated $100USD

November 2010
  1. Donation from Anna Numpang and her husband, Kenny Chan is 1030 ringgit
  2. Collection by Shell Staff in Miri is 450 ringgit
  3. Anonymous donations from Saratok, Betong, Sarikei and Kota Samarahan amount to 250RM
  4. A facebook friend who wants to remain annonymous just added 100RM to the cause
  5. Dolly Eyaw and Greg Bourne from Sacramento, USA donated $40USD
  6. Rick and Nancy Winrod, Ohio, USA donated $50USD
  7. Pega Ben from Lima, Peru (originally from Tungkah Dayak) contributed 1000 ringgit
  8. Margy Durrant from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia donated RM100
  9. A young lady who wants to remain annonymous from Sri Aman donated 200 ringgit
October, 2010
  1. Paul Pandian from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia donated RM10,000
  2. Adrian Ho from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia $100USD
  3. Ronald Sia  from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysiadonated RM250
  4. Christina Suntai from Tallahassee, Florida, USAi $110USD
  5. Sulan Dus Sault from San Diego, California, USA donated for the 2nd time $5.00USD
  6. Tai Lee Fei from Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia donated $30USD
  7. Chan Pak Kiong from Kuala Lumpur, Malayisa donated $25USD
  8. James Lee's donation from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is $6USD
  9. Pauline Leong from from West Malaysia donaed RM100
  10. David Kalum Umpie, Borneo Ink from Kuala Lumpur, Malayia  donated RM500
  11. Helen Atos Matley from San Francisco, CA, USA $120USD
  12. Teh Sew Ling from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia donated RM150
  13. Sabestino Mike from Kuching, Malaysia donated RM100
  14. Gregory N. Mawar from Miri, Malaysia doanted RM100
  15. Albert Law from California, USA donated $100USD 
September, 2010
  1. Dr. Ben Bandang Numpang from Utah, USA donated $500.00
  2. Dr. Eyby Leon from Utah, USA also donated $500.00
  3. Sulan Dus Sault from California, USA is donating $200.00
  4. Steve Gabert from Tallahassee, Florida, USA  donated $120.00
  5. Christina S. Suntai from Fort Myers, Florida, USA donated $100.00
  6. Nand Dus Sault and his wife Amber’s from Columbus, Ohio, USA donated $200.00.

More native lands to make way for oil palm

By FMT Staff
PETALING JAYA: With an already declining rainforest, Sarawak now intends to turn another million hectares of jungle into oil palm plantations in the next 10 years.
According to English daily The Star, Sarawak Land Development Minister James Masing said native customary rights (NCR) land belonging to the state's indigenous people would be used to plant more oil palm.
Masing said that the state government was looking into a "more aggressive" conversion of native lands, and that it had request for funds from the federal government for this purpose.
Swiss-based rainforest activist group Bruno Manser Fonds (BMF) was appalled at this decision. "Masing's announcement comes as a shock to human rights and environmental campaigners who are increasingly concerned about the ruthless alienation of native lands," it said.
BMF said that more than 920,000 hectares of land in Sarawak are occupied by oil palm plantations. It added that Masing's plan would add two million more hectares by 2020.
NCR land is a contentious issue in Sarawak, where many indigenous communities have faced down both private companies and the state government for moving into their territory.

Late last October, seven Iban villagers from Sebuyau were accused of allegedly setting fire to a timber campsite. The villagers have argued that the charges were baseless, as some of them were not even in the area when the incident took place.

Prior to the supposed arson, the people of Sebuyau mounted a blockade to prevent timber workers from entering an area which the former claimed was NCR land.

Their attempts to include the state government in defending their land fell on deaf ears. However, when the alleged burning took place, the authorities were noticeably lightning-quick in detaining the accused villagers.   

Note from Christina Suntai:  My brother,  Numpang Suntai is now being summoned to appear at Magistrate Court in Serian on December 15th, 2010.  This is how they treated natives who are trying to hold on to their properties inherited from their forefathers hundreds of years ago before the formation of Malaysia.  Is this fair?  Is this justice? 

BMF said that the state government had failed to enforce its forest legislation policies and accused it of unlawfully handling native rights issues.

The activist group said this had led to the European Union's decision to stop timber trade talks with Malaysia over its Voluntary Partnership Agreement.
BMF also said that the root of all of Sarawak's environmental problems was the rule of Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud.
In charge of the state since 1981, Taib has recently come under fire over land deals given to his family members, as well as owning a large number of overseas properties.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Deputy Chief Minister George Chan said illgeal loggers are naughty and BN Administration is not smart enough to catch them

By FMT Staff
MIRI: “Naughty” illegal loggers and their tech-savvy “collaborators” are constantly outwitting Sarawak's enforcement agencies, Deputy Chief Minister George Tan said.
He said these collaborators used state-of-the-art telecommunication technology to escape the government's clutches.
“We have good land reserves and we have very good principles... but it is hard to catch these naughty people who are cutting down trees and clearing the land every now and then.
"Even with a helicopter, they somehow warn their people (on the ground) that we are coming," Chan said at the closing of a workshop on “Best Management Practices” for Sungai Miri River Basin Stakeholder Project here recently.
He said knowing this, the enforcement bodies should keep abreast of technological advancements and be serious about implementing policies that involved all sectors.
“As we progress and improve, we need more enforcers to implement our policies. This is something we have to work hard on...," he said.
He added that while the government was committed to minimising environmental degradation caused by human activities and development, “it was hard to bring the culprits to justice”.
"We know what is happening... we know these illegal activities may have contributed to the degradation of the environment such as erosion in some rivers in the state, such as the Rajang and Baram Rivers... but it is hard to catch the culprits," Chan said who was referring to the massive ecological disaster in Sarawak in early October.
Ecological havoc
The massive logjam disaster that stretched 250km of the Rajang River had adversely affected the livelihood of thousands, many of whom were innocent riverine folks.
This is the third such ecological havoc. The first disaster was at Ga’at in 2008 and the second at Sungai Tunoh last year.
State Land Development Minister James Masing has openly blamed the logjam on rampant illegal logging in the forests of Sungai Melatai.
Masing, who reportedly flew over the mountains of Ulu Melatai, said the logjam was caused by landslides and soil erosion resulting from uncontrolled logging.
He said the place resembled a “war zone”.
"Landslides and soil erosions have destroyed at least three hills in the area,” a news report quoted him as saying.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

7 Ibans in the arson at Ulu Sebuyau which is subject of much initial controversy involving Quality Concrete Holdings and Loyal Billion Sdn Bhd need not keep their date with PDRM at Simunjan on 25th November, 2010

Taken from cobboldjohn's blog:
We have been informed that the 7 Ibans in the arson at Ulu Sebuyau which is subject of much initial controversy involving Datuk Raziah @ Rodia Mahmud, Tiang Ming Sing, Quality Concrete Holdings and Loyal Billion Sdn Bhd need not keep their date with PDRM at Simunjan on 25th November, 2010.
At this point of time, it is unclear whether, PDRM has yet to decide whether they will be charged or case dropped all together.
Nevertheless, the turn of events, leaves more questions than answers? Most important is whether the allegation upon investigation has absolve the Sebangan 7 as completely innocent. If that is the case, what about the Police Report? Who started the fire (not again act of god)? We want and expect answers.
We also strongly feel Sebangan 7 should than file an action against PDRM for wrongful detention besides against Quality Concrete, their agents and servants for wrong accusation.
Don’t play play. The Dayaks are just as aware of their rights now!
It is now time to vote out Datuk Hajjah Rohani bt Karim and Julaihi Narawi, who have been silent on this fiasco.
The very fact that they have remain silent has shown how useless they have been as their elected representative in Sarawak DUN and in Parliament.
They surely have something to say regardless of whether it is pro-Taib and government policy or speak out on behalf of the very people who voted for them.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Loading Out of Disputed Logs at Selabu, Sebangan

In spite of an ongoing dispute and in an act of blatant disregard to the people of Sebangan & Sebuyau, the Sarawak Forest Department through its operations arm Sarawak Forest Corporation, gave permission to Quality Concrete Holdings Bhd to remove logs from its timber camp at Selabu, Sebangan. The logs were loaded onto barges on 3rd and 4th November 2010.

The logs were taken from the Native Customary Rights (NCR) lands by Quality Concrete Holdings Bhd through its contractor Loyal Billion Sdn Bhd from the Selabu, Sebangan area.  A writ of summons was in fact filed on 01 November 2010 at Kuching High Court stopping the trespassing and extracting timber from the NCR lands. The Sarawak Forest Department and its operations arm Sarawak Forest Cooperation chose to ignore the dispute.

When contacted, an officer from the Sarawak Forest Cooperation stated that “Quality Concrete Holdings Bhd had paid royalties on the extracted timber and they have the right to ship the logs out”
The big question is why Sarawak Forest Department can’t wait until the dispute has been resolved before allowing Quality Concrete Holdings Bhd to remove the logs.
A Police report was lodged at the Simunjan Police Station on the 4th November 2010.
Meanwhile, all of the logging equipment used by Quality Concrete Holdings Bhd and its contractor Loyal Billion Sdn Bhd remains at the campsite.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ibans sue Raziah Mahmud's logging company

By Joseph Tawie

KUCHING:  Fourteen Ibans representing 276 families from 15 longhouses and villages in Sebangan/Sebuyau area have filed a writ of summons at the Kuching High Court today against Raziah Taib's company Quality Concrete Holding. Raziah is Chief Minister Taib Mahmud's sister.
She is a major shareholder and director in the company.

The writ was filed by Messrs Baru Bian Advocates and Solicitors. Also named in the suit are the Loyal Billion Sdn Bhd (second defendant), a penghulu and headmen (third and fourth defendants), the Forest Department and the state government (fifth and sixth defendants).

The plaintiffs are Numpang Anak Suntai, Samuel Anak Neli, Sadun Anak Asson, Tinsy Anak Bunda, Sanyam Anak Daun, Apat Anak Hamba, Philip Anak Bakat, Bawi Anak Saman, Anih Anak Bidie, Aprit Anak Bagih, Neli Anak Nipa, Sidi Anak Gama, Lingga Anak Tasi and Unga Anak Gamit.

In their statement of claim, the plaintiffs said their NCR land consists part of their native customary land or communal land or territorial domain locally referred to as “Pemakai Menua” or “Pulau” (preserved forests) and/or “temuda” (farmed land or secondary forests) created before Jan 1, 1998. They noted that NCR is recognised by the Sarawak Land Code (Cap. 81) 1958.

Their claim noted that the said NCR land comprised hilly or mountainous region and is part and parcel of a bigger area claimed by the plaintiffs as their respective native customary land or “pemakai menua” surrounding their respective villages.

They claim that the 5th and 6th defendants (the Forest Department and the state government respectively) had infact gazetted in 1959 part of the said NCR land as a Communal Forest for seven vilages - Kampung Entanggor, Kampung Stika, Kampung Ensika, Kampung Sekitong, Kampung Sungai Lumut, Kampung Sungai Arus and kampung Tungkah Dayak - under gazette notification No.760.

The plaintiffs said that on or about the June 11, 2010, they discovered that members of Quality Concrete Holdings and Loyal Billion had trespassed on their NCR land.

They were constructing logging roads and at the same time extracting timber from within the said NCR land. The plaintives said the land did not fall under any licensed area issued to Quality Concrete or Loyal Billion, the defendants.

The plaintiffs immediately lodged police reports at Sebuyau police station but no action was taken by the relevant authority.

On or about June 14, the plaintiffs’ representatives met the camp manager, who was known as Wong and some workers from the companies' site office called Rantau along Sungai Sebangan.

They informed Wong and his team to stop their logging activities and road constructions immediately as they were trespassing into the plaintiffs said NCR land. They agreed to do so while the plaintiffs lodged a police report.

On the advise of Sergeant Ramlee, from the Sebuyau police station, a meeting was held on the June 22, 2010 at Sebuyau District Office with regards to the issue. The meeting between plantiffs and the companies' reps was chaired by the Penghulu Merum (3rd defendent).

No agreement was reached as the companies, represented by a man named Lau claimed that they were licensed to extract timber from the said NCR land.

Loss and damages

On June 24, some 100 Ibans (plantiffs) made another visit to the trespassed area and found the defendants still working within the said NCR land.

In fact the plantifs said during their visit they found more land had been logged and destroyed.

The keys to all the logging machineries were handed over to the plaintiffs who in turn surrendered it to the police at the Sebuyau police station. This was done in the hope that such trespassing would immediately stop and the matter will be investigated by the police.

On the July 2, a meeting was held at Sebuyau District Office between the plaintiffs’ representatives and the defendents representative, Robert Tiang and his lawyer Lim Heng Choo.

Also present at the meeting were representatives from the Sarawak Forests Corporation (Semilang), Forests Department Sarawak (Romy Pudong), Lands & Surveys, Sarawak (Atin Rimpa), Sarawak Administrative Officer, Sebuyau (Abdul Rahman) and Sebuyau Police Department (Ramlee).

On the July 23, the plaintiffs had no choice but to erect a physical blockade against Quality Concrete and Loyal Billion onsite to stop their trespassing.

Following the blockade there were no logging activities for a few day. The plaintiffs left the trespassed site.

By a memorandum or “Resolusi” or letter dated August 18 and Sept 3, 2010, the plaintiffs made their stand in disagreeing and opposing the said illegal logging activities by Quality Concrete and Loyal Billion.

The 'resolusi' was handed to the Resident Kota Samarahan and to Suhakam.

As there was no action taken by the relevant authorities in favour of the plaintiffs, they decided once again on the Oct 15 to erect another blockade against the defendants, this time at a place called Selabu, along Sungai Sebangan.

After four days of blockade, seven of the plaintiffs were arrested and detained by the police. All were released eventually without any charge preferred against them.

As a consequence of the said trespass the plaintiffs have suffered losses and damages and will suffer more hereafter, which cannot be compensated by any order of costs.

Listing particulars of loss and damages, plantiffs claimed Sungai Selabu, Sungai Ijuk and Sungai Sebangan were found to be polluted and had affected their lives.

They said the water reservoir and the pipe waters which fed the populace at Sebangan Bazaar was now polluted and murky.

Farmed areas or padi fields or temuda within the Sungai Selabu area are also affected by polluted water. Also destroyed were their hunting grounds and fishing grounds.

They also claimed that fruit trees, like rubber, engkabang, pepper, durians, langsat, rambutan, temedak, mawang and cocoa planted by the plaintiffs and their forefathers were destroyed and felled for the companies' benefits.

The plaintiffs requested that the loss and damages suffered by the plaintiffs be assessed by the Deputy Registrar of the High Court.

No choice

Meanwhile, the plaintiffs’ lawyer Baru Bian said that the case originated from the Sebangan and Sebuyau area where seven natives were arrested and released without being charged.

“We found out in our investigation that the so-called timber licences were encroaching into the native customary rights land. To reach the licensed areas given to them they need to go through NCR land.

“In the process, they built logging roads and at the same time felled and took the timbers along these roads; these are not the licensed areas. So they were trespassing and encroaching on NCR land.

“This is not the first case. This is the tip of the iceberg in Sarawak,” he said, pointing out that in their experience dealing with NCR land cases this has been an ongoing issue from Lundu to Lawas.

He said that he was aware that the natives (plantiffs) have written letters to the authorities, to the Resident, police and letters of protest to Suhakam.

“They have tried all the avenues, no one is listening to them...they decided to take action into their own hands by putting up blockades.

"My point here is this. This is not an isolated case.  This is on-going and it is happening throughout the state of Sarawak.

“To me as a lawyer, as people involved in this, it boils down to the policy of the present government and the people in authorities who are not bothered with the rights of the people.

“It is very unfortunate we are talking about the native rights of the indigenous people of Sarawak which are supposed to be protected by the government of the day with the special provision of the law of Malaysia.

“And yet we see here in Sarawak it is not the case. Because of this we are very concerned as people and therefore we bring this matter to the court.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Logging camp incident: DAP MP wants urgent debate in Dewan

Logging camp incident: DAP MP wants urgent debate in Dewan 
From Malaysian Mirror
Wednesday, 27 October 2010 18:29
ChonegChiengJen_dap1KUCHING - DAP MP for Kuching Chong Chieng Jen (picture) submitted an emergency motion to the Dewan Rakyat which called for a debate after the arrest of seven people including an activist in Sebangan, Semujan last week.

Chong told Malaysian Mirror that the Emergency Motion was submitted under Standing Order 18(1) which states that the issue concerned is in the public's interest.

On Oct 20, Nicholas Mujan and six others were arrested for allegedly setting up a fire in a timber camp in Sebuyau.

It was claimed that the fire had destroyed the timber camp and equipments worth over RM2 million.

Previously on Oct 15, Chong had also said that the group with other longhouse folk had set up a blockade in the area to stop the camp's operation in transporting timber logs.

The protestors have said that the timber camp had violated the Dayak's rights to their land as it was operating on land gazetted under Native Customary Rights.

The timber campsite belonging to Royal Billion Sdn Bhd was alleged be linked to Raziah Mahmud, sister of the Sarawak chief minister, whose role is said to be one of the non executive directors.

Chong alleged that the company had made millions of ringgits and each worker and his family received RM250 per month.

The seven people arrested have since been released on police bail for RM1000.

They are to report to the police station one month later after their release on Monday.

State CID chief, senior assistant commissioner of police, Huzir Mohd said the case is still under investigation and they would be charged for arson.

Police are currently waiting for the investigation and forensic report to be sent to the senior federal counsel before actions are taken.

Meanwhile, See Chee How, who is the lawyer representing all the seven people, has condemned the accusation as far-fetched.

See claimed that one of them was not in Semujan while the rest were at the roadblock which is four kilometres from the camp.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Sebangan Seven have been released from Police custody!!

Tuai Rumah Philip anak Bakat (Kg Tungkah Atas), Tuai Rumah Neli ak Nipa (Kpg Bajong Ili), Tuai Rumah Sadun ak Aton (Kpg Ensika), Bawi ak Atman (Kpg Lubok Manta) , Tinsi ak Bunda (Kpg Lumut), Numpang ak Suntai (Kpg Bajong), Nicholas Mujah (Kpg Ensika) have been released from Police custody and now they are free.  I just talked to my brother Numpang Suntai about an hour ago.  Thank you for your support and may God bless us all.
Friends and Families waiting for the release of arrested protestors

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Protesters Jailed

Sarawak Report
I will never forget this picture of my brother as long as I live
In a recent story Sarawak Report exposed the shocking attempt by the firm Quality Concrete to force Iban villagers to hand over their rights to 3,035 hectares of Native Customary Rights Lands in Sebangan  just MR 250 (US$ 80) per family.
The company, of which the Chief Minister’s sister Raziah is one of the Directors,  is after the millions of dollars-worth of rare and valuable hardwood trees in the area.  However the Ibans are refusing, saying they want to preserve their forest for future generations.
Now, the leading protesters named in that story have been thrown in jail on the pretext of a fire that broke out at Quality Concrete’s logging camp on Monday.  There is no evidence about what happened, however ten local people were originally arrested and three have still not been released: these are Numpang Suntai, a retired worker for Shell; Nicholas Mujah, who runs Sadia, an NGO supporting Dayak rights and one of the local headmen, Tuai Rumah Sadon ak Ason.

There is no evidence against any of these men yet the political motives are clear.  Both Suntai and Mujah have been helping the locals with their vocal campaign and they have supported villagers who carried out a blockade against illegal logging by the company in their territory.  Yet neither were anywhere near the outbreak of the the fire and it is clear their arrests are purely a response to their legitimate protests on behalf of their community.  The pair came to Simunjan local police station in answer to a request by the local police chief, DSP Choo Yin Kok, whose telephone number  is 082 803779, Mobile : 019-8583016 and have not been released.

There is no evidence that local people were behind the fire.  Indeed, since Quality Concrete’s provisional licence to log the area runs out next month, the motivation on their side is arguably stronger in terms of a potential insurance pay out.  Meanwhile, the logging camp itself remains illegal and Sarawak Report has documents showing that Quality Concrete has been banned by the Forest Department from carrying out further logging in the area until and unless the dispute is settled.
Therefore, Sarawak Report and several local and international NGOs are questioning on what grounds are these people being held?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Free all Seven: Numpang, Mujah, Neli, Phillip, Sadun, Bawi and Tinsi

Supporters of Seven Detained Protesters
 I am Numpang's sister so I am going to talk about my brother from a personal point of view and let you know how dearly we love and admire him.  Mujah, Sadun, Neli, Phillip, Bawi and Tinsi are loved just as much by their families and the rest of their relatives but I could not do them justice because I do not know them as much as I know my own brother, Numpang Suntai.  We want all seven of them to be set free and be back with their families.  We will fight for their releases!!!  All Sebuyau and Sebangan Ibans and our Malay relatives who also own property at Selabu, please show your support and be at their hearing on Monday. 

The only “crime” my brother Numpang ever commited in this scenario is because he was helping our relatives and working with Nicholas Mujah in Sebangan to fend off the illegal loggers, Quality Concrete Holdings from destroying our native customary rights lands and forests. 

One of his nephews says: 
My uncle Numpang has been the cause of change to his community no matter whether he is there or in Miri. I remember the time his leadership in building salt water tide protection system in Bajong. As a result, farming in the area flourished as the village could control the salt water from coming in. My point is he continues to do so even at the time he and My Aunt Helen should retire and have a more relaxed life. 

He called me before he surrenderd to the Police and said, “If anything happened to me, at least I know I am doing something good to help our relatives.” My brother is not a well man and I hope they will let him take his heart medication properly as he does have irregular heartbeats. 13 years ago he had a stroke and he still cannot make use of his left hand or even knot his own tie. 

My brother is a good man and never commit any crime in his life, not even a parking ticket!   He is taking care of our 97 father who is waiting anxiously for his return. He is very popular and well loved by all his family, his siblings, his nieces and nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins all the relatives from Sebuyau to Sebangan and from Sadong to Debak and Sibu. 
Numpang and his American relatives

He just retired and was enjoying a good easy life away from the hustle bustle of the coperate world. But he and his wife Helen, cannot be just a bystander while the wanton destruction of our Native Customary Rights  forests happened right before their eyes. 

We all know that evil things happened when good men remain silent. Numpang and Helen refused to remain silent.   I hope the Iban leaders will never let other people say this about the Iban tribe of Borneo “Iban punya bodoh” or “Iban punya takut.” Meaning,”Ibans are stupid.” “Iban are cowards” 

So please help with the release of Numpang, Mujah, Neli, Phillip, Tinsi, Bawi and Sadun and let them go home to their families.

7 Ibans villagers, including my brother Numpang Suntai are currently being detained by the police

SIMUNJAN – Seven Ibans villagers are currently being detained by the police at the Simunjan Police Station for allegedly causing mischief by fire to a logging company’s machinery and their workers quarters.
Providing Moral Support
4 villagers were arrested last night, which include 2 headmen. They are Tuai Rumah Philip Anak Bakat of Kampung Tungkah Atas, Tuai Rumah Neli Anak Nipa of Kampung Bajong Ili, Bawi Anak Atman of Kampung Tungkah Baroh Manta and Tinsi Anak Bunda of Kampung Lumut.
In an FMT report on Oct 19, natives from the six long houses in Sebuyau/Sebanggan had predicted that they would be blamed for the fire which destroyed a campsite belonging to Royal Billion, a company linked to the politically-powerful Quality Concrete Holdings.
3 more villagers were arrested at 2.30 this afternoon. They are Tuai Rumah Sadun Anak Aton and Nicholas Mujah of Kampung Ensika and Numpang Anak Suntai of Kampung Bajong. Nicholas Mujah also happens to be the Secretary General of the Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA) and a member of the Indigenous Peoples Network of Malaysia (JOAS).
About 200 villagers were present at the police station to give support to their comrades who were arrested.
Sebuyau Ibans descended at Simunjan Balai in show of Moral Support
The arrest were made in connection with the recent fire that destroyed a block of two storey quarters occupied by timber workers, a store, six tractors, two logging trucks a pick-up and an excavator belonging to a logging contractor Royal Billion Sdn. Bhd. which is contracted to extract logs for Quality Concrete Holdings in the area purportedly to be within the native customary rights (NCR) of six Iban longhouses in Sebuyau.
The logging company, Quality Concrete Holdings, has been in the centre of dispute after the Forest Department has given it a licence to carry out logging activities in the disputed 3,305 hectares of forests which the Ibans from six longhouses claim to be their NCR land.The Director of Quality Concrete is Raziah Mahmud who also happens to be the Sarawak Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud’s sister.
When negotiations failed the Ibans have also brought their case with the Police, the district and resident offices, the lands and surveys and the Forest department.
When all these failed, the natives since last Friday have erected a blockade to stop the workers from the Royal Billion company encroaching into their native customary rights land.
They have also stopped a “tongkang” or barge from loading timber that has been extracted from the disputed area.
Just before Nicholas Mujah got detained, we managed to talk to him on the phone and he said that he sense that there is a strong urgency by the company to target the blame on him.
According to Mujah, the policeman at the station told him that the contractor reported him at the scene burning the machines. “But how can that be true, when I am in Sibu at that time?” exclaimed Mujah.
The villagers will be detained until Tuesday to facilitate the police in their investigations.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Update on efforts to Save Sebangan Rainforest

Update on efforts to Save Sebangan Rainforest
Date:  Thursday, October 21, 2010
Posted by:  Christina S. Suntai
Following the calling off of Blockade against Quality Concrete at Ulu Sebangan, I have been informed that the two leaders, Mr Nicholas Munjah the Secretary General of SADIA and my brother, Numpang Suntai have been contacted by Police. They are requested to be present at Simunjan Police Station and Sebuyau Police Station at 2 pm, 22nd October, 2010.
We are unsure why they are called for. Whether it is for staging the peaceful blockade. However from what is written here, here and here, it seems they are being investigated for the fire which started at the timber camp which destroyed Royal Billion Sdn Bhd’s (logging contractor of Quality Concrete Holdings) machinery.
Besides the Blockade, Sebuyau Ibans have also taken Quality Concrete Holdings, Sarawak Government and Forestry Department to court.
At this blog, we have made many calls to the government that pending disposal of all NCR Land Issues by the Court, logging and development activities should cease.
They need your moral support.
Please continue to lend moral support to Mr Nicholas Munjah and my brother, Numpang Suntai.
Note:  I just talked to my brother, Numpang Suntai.  He told everyone, me included, to remain cool.  This is just a routine police matter.  Since he and the others were up in Ulu Sebangan, naturally they will be questioned by police to help in their investigation.
Thank you for your support!
Christina S. Suntai
Thursday, October 21st 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Villagers cry foul over fire

By Joseph Tawie

SEBUYAU: When David took on Goliath there was the risk that he would be squished to pulp. Similarly, when Ibans from six longhouses in Sebuyau/Sebanggan decided to take on the politically-powerful Quality Concrete Holdings, they knew from the onset that the fight will be hard.
Yesterday, they had their first feel when fire gutted a campsite of another company linked to Quality Concrete Holdings and know that they would be blamed even before an investigation.

A block of staff quarters, a store, six tractors, two logging trucks and an excavator were among items destroyed in the afternoon fire.

"They will blame the villagers...but we were not aware of the fire.

"The villagers who put up the blockades were about 4km from the campsite (where the fire took place) and did not know what was going on in the camp," said Nicholas Mujah, one of the six Iban longhouse community leaders.
Picture of Equipment behind blockade - none destroyed!

He believes it's the work of arsonists and strategically aimed at framing the natives.

"I believe it is the work of other people who want to put the blame on the villagers," said Mujah, urging the police to carry out an immediate investigation.

Yesterday's fire destroyed properties belonging to Royal Billion Sdn Bhd, a logging contractor of Quality Concrete Holdings.

It is not immediately known how the fire started or who were responsible for it.

Quality Concrete Holdings, has been in the centre of a dispute after the Forest Department issued them a licence to carry out logging activities in the disputed 3,305 hectares of forests which the Ibans from six longhouses claim to be their native customary rights (NCR) land.

When direct negotiations with the company failed, the Ibans took the matter to the police, the district and resident offices, the lands and surveys and finally forest department. But to no avail.

Last Friday, the natives decided to take matters into their own hands and erected a blockade to stop the workers from the Royal Billion company encroaching into their land.

They also stopped a tongkang from loading timber that was extracted from the disputed area.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

We are Prepared to be Human Sheilds to Defend our Rainforest

Sebuyau Ibans and the descendants of Sendi’s new Blockade against Quality Concrete Holding’s bulldozers at Ulu Sebangan.
Written Christina S. Suntai, Friday, October 15th 2010
My brother Numpang anak Suntai and his wife, Helen Unchat, together with 11 tribal leaders and villagers from 11 longhouses are now camping in Ulu Sebangan as we speak. Today I want to refer to their make shift camp as “Langkau Ngintu Menoa.” 
They are leading the villagers to form a blockade to stop bulldozers used by illegal loggers, Quality Concrete Holdings, whose Executive Chairman is Tiang Ming Sing, from further penetration into their native customary lands, which include rice fields, pepper vines, fruit trees, rubber plantations and communal forest at Ulu Sebangan. 
The illegal loggers, Quality Concrete Holdings, whose Executive Director is Tiang Ching Kok and major shareholder is Rodiah Binti Mahmud, sister of CM Taib Mahmud remain relentless in their efforts to grab the valuable trees. They are bulldozing their way to get to the trees and destroy everything in their path!  Every tree they killed for the timber, 28 other little trees will die with it.  So far the loggers continue to steal the valuable trees when no one is around to stop them. Therefore the villagers decided to set camp in the jungle to guard the forest, to ensure that the valuable trees will not be stolen by Quality Concrete Holdings.  
Another very important reason for the blockade is to make sure that all the logs will not be removed prior to certification by the Department of Forestry, Sarawak, Malaysia.  Quality Concrete Holdings must get a certification from the Department of Forestry Department before the logs can be removed from the area.  It is highly illegal for Forestry Department of Sarawak, Malaysia to certify logs that were stolen from Native Customary Rights forest. 
Quality Concrete Holdings is planning to go ahead with the destruction of the native customary trees and forests as there are 6 heavy equipment to include bulldozers and backhoe are being put in place inside the native forests.  Surely Government of Malaysia has a law against this blatant disregards to people's property!
The NCR land and forest in Ulu Sebangan is their life and they are prepared to defend it against known enemies and trespassers who are cronies of the present government of Sarawak. They are prepared to stay for the duration to defend their native land from being destroyed and ancient trees from being bulldozed. They are prepared to go to jail if the State Government of Sarawak under the current Barisan Nasional Administration supported the illegal loggers and arrest them. 

This area of the jungle holds many burial grounds and old longhouse sites. This is the first place where the Sebuyau Ibans settled after their migration from Bukit Balau area more than a hundred years ago.  Descandants of Sendi, please note this is the place where “Buah Jupong” is located. 
This the area where Sendi paddled to Saribas to look for Guang, a man she was destined to marry as was told by Kumang in her dreams. They are there not only to protect the trees but also to protect the spirits of our great great fathers, “nyaga Petara Aki, Petara Ini” and the spirit of Sendi.
The Sebuyau Ibans are the legal owner of these lands and forests as substantiated by Department of Land and Survey since 1956. There were many news article written about their heartbreaking efforts to protect their land and forests from further destruction. The Sarawak Barisan Nasional Government of Malaysia is not doing anything to stop the illegal activities. This is a very sad day for Sarawak natives when illegal loggers have more rights and are sanctioned and protected by the current Barisan Nasional Administration in Sarawak, Malaysia. The natives who own the land and forest are watching helplessly while their property is being grabbed and destroyed.
Where are the Iban Warriors of Old?
Just this past Thursday, October 7th 2010, the massive destruction caused by logging was made devastatingly clear in Sibu Division, up the Balleh area and down the mighty Batang Rajang.  The type of devastation to the environment will continue to occur. What happened in Ulu Balleh and the massive logjam of Batang Rajang will happen to Sebangan River if the illegal logging activities are not stopped. They are destroying what our Petara had created. 
It is your duty to protect your land because if you do not do it, who will do it for you?
The Sebuyau Ibans are calling all brave Ibans to help with the blockade at Ulu Sebangan and be prepared to stay for the duration. Thanks for the donations from their relatives in the United States of America, they have enough food and supply to last for a few more days.  
Where are they?
To launch a substantial blockade, the Ibans will have to abandon their farms thus depriving them of much needed income.
They are still in need of your help to provide tents, food, generators and petrol. They also need your donation to pay for lawyers who are brave enough to take their case to court against the Forestry Department and the BN State Government of Sarawak, Malaysia.
In Malaysia, donations can also be deposited into our account with Public Bank Berhad Account Number 4503100701 – Numpang anak Suntai.
After depositing, kindly drop us an email at Mr Numpang Suntai at and Mr Nicholas Munjah at

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Save the Sebangan Rainforest

Please help in the fight to save the Sebangan Rainforest and the land of the indigenous people of Sarawak.

View taken from the summit of Jungor Bintong hill towards Selabu at Ulu Sebangan . The logging road is on the cultivated Native Customary Rights Land of the Ibans from Kampong Tungkah Dayak. A number of the land owners did not give consent to Quality Concrete Holdings Bhd to build the road nor extract timber. But the destruction the lands and timber extraccontinue regardless.
Sebangan river is at the foot of this mountain.

Some of the logs extracted from the Native Customary Rights Land.