Sebangan is located in the State of Sarawak, Malaysia.

Numpang Suntai and 14 others, representing 276 Iban families from the 15 longhouse communities of Kampung Entanggor, Ensika, Lumut, Arus Dayak, Tongkah Dayak, Tongkah Dayak Lubuk Manta, Tongkah Dayak Atas, Tongkah Dayak Rumah Panjai, Lunying, Belimbing Besi, Ketimbong and Bajong Ili, Bajong Ili Atas, Bajong Ili Tengah, Bajong Ili Baruh, all situated at Sebangan, Simunjan, Sarawak, filed their civil suit at the Kuching High Court on November 1st, 2010.

This case was heard at Kuching High Court on August 8th though August 19th 2011. This civil court proceeding is far from over. It is to continue on November 8th through 11th, 2011 and will reconvene again on December 19 through December 23rd, 2011.

Named as defendants in the civil suit are Quality Concrete Sdn Bhd the timber concession holder, Loyal Billion Sdn Bhd the logging contractor, 2 government appointed community leaders Penghulu Merum anak Babu and Ketua Kampung Agu anak Kaleng, together with the Director of Foresty and the Sarawak State Government.

The Sebuyau and Sebangan Ibans still need your moral and financial support to fight against illegal loggers. Your contributions will pay for the legal expenses and the cost of transportation, lodging, and food for Sebangan villagers who will be attending the proceedings in Kuching.

We desperately need your support to save our NCR heritages and our prestine environment from further destruction. If we lost this case, we will lost our land and forest to timber tycoons and oil palm plantation owners. Losing this case is losing our life line, our means of survival. Without our land and forests, we the Dayaks, the natives of Borneo, we have nothing.

In the USA please e-mail for postal address and other information. Or you can use Pay Pal by clicking Donate and you can use any credit cards to donate on-line. Thank you for you donations and support.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Here is a picture of my brother Numpang Suntai being chained like common criminal

Here is my brother Numpang Suntai being chained like a common criminal

I will never forget what they did to my brother Numpang Suntai and my relatives in Sebangan as long as I live.  As long as I breath, I will continue fighting for justice and so help me God.
Press Conference on YouTube
WatchNumpang Suntai Press Conference on YouTube

Donations as of December 14th 2010, now stands at 21,874 ringigt.

Thank you so much for your generousity and caring spirit.  Our deepest gratitude and God bless!
Arap ka Petara ngintu kita belama.  Oh ha!

December 2010

1. Apai Christiano from Malaysia donated 100 ringgit.
Donation from an anonymous donor "Digg" from Selangor, Malaysia is $50USD
3.      Jenn Shing Ng from Portland, Oregon, USA donated $100USD

November 2010
  1. Donation from Anna Numpang and her husband, Kenny Chan is 1030 ringgit
  2. Collection by Shell Staff in Miri is 450 ringgit
  3. Anonymous donations from Saratok, Betong, Sarikei and Kota Samarahan amount to 250RM
  4. A facebook friend who wants to remain annonymous just added 100RM to the cause
  5. Dolly Eyaw and Greg Bourne from Sacramento, USA donated $40USD
  6. Rick and Nancy Winrod, Ohio, USA donated $50USD
  7. Pega Ben from Lima, Peru (originally from Tungkah Dayak) contributed 1000 ringgit
  8. Margy Durrant from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia donated RM100
  9. A young lady who wants to remain annonymous from Sri Aman donated 200 ringgit
October, 2010
  1. Paul Pandian from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia donated RM10,000
  2. Adrian Ho from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia $100USD
  3. Ronald Sia  from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysiadonated RM250
  4. Christina Suntai from Tallahassee, Florida, USAi $110USD
  5. Sulan Dus Sault from San Diego, California, USA donated for the 2nd time $5.00USD
  6. Tai Lee Fei from Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia donated $30USD
  7. Chan Pak Kiong from Kuala Lumpur, Malayisa donated $25USD
  8. James Lee's donation from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is $6USD
  9. Pauline Leong from from West Malaysia donaed RM100
  10. David Kalum Umpie, Borneo Ink from Kuala Lumpur, Malayia  donated RM500
  11. Helen Atos Matley from San Francisco, CA, USA $120USD
  12. Teh Sew Ling from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia donated RM150
  13. Sabestino Mike from Kuching, Malaysia donated RM100
  14. Gregory N. Mawar from Miri, Malaysia doanted RM100
  15. Albert Law from California, USA donated $100USD 
September, 2010
  1. Dr. Ben Bandang Numpang from Utah, USA donated $500.00
  2. Dr. Eyby Leon from Utah, USA also donated $500.00
  3. Sulan Dus Sault from California, USA is donating $200.00
  4. Steve Gabert from Tallahassee, Florida, USA  donated $120.00
  5. Christina S. Suntai from Fort Myers, Florida, USA donated $100.00
  6. Nand Dus Sault and his wife Amber’s from Columbus, Ohio, USA donated $200.00.

More native lands to make way for oil palm

By FMT Staff
PETALING JAYA: With an already declining rainforest, Sarawak now intends to turn another million hectares of jungle into oil palm plantations in the next 10 years.
According to English daily The Star, Sarawak Land Development Minister James Masing said native customary rights (NCR) land belonging to the state's indigenous people would be used to plant more oil palm.
Masing said that the state government was looking into a "more aggressive" conversion of native lands, and that it had request for funds from the federal government for this purpose.
Swiss-based rainforest activist group Bruno Manser Fonds (BMF) was appalled at this decision. "Masing's announcement comes as a shock to human rights and environmental campaigners who are increasingly concerned about the ruthless alienation of native lands," it said.
BMF said that more than 920,000 hectares of land in Sarawak are occupied by oil palm plantations. It added that Masing's plan would add two million more hectares by 2020.
NCR land is a contentious issue in Sarawak, where many indigenous communities have faced down both private companies and the state government for moving into their territory.

Late last October, seven Iban villagers from Sebuyau were accused of allegedly setting fire to a timber campsite. The villagers have argued that the charges were baseless, as some of them were not even in the area when the incident took place.

Prior to the supposed arson, the people of Sebuyau mounted a blockade to prevent timber workers from entering an area which the former claimed was NCR land.

Their attempts to include the state government in defending their land fell on deaf ears. However, when the alleged burning took place, the authorities were noticeably lightning-quick in detaining the accused villagers.   

Note from Christina Suntai:  My brother,  Numpang Suntai is now being summoned to appear at Magistrate Court in Serian on December 15th, 2010.  This is how they treated natives who are trying to hold on to their properties inherited from their forefathers hundreds of years ago before the formation of Malaysia.  Is this fair?  Is this justice? 

BMF said that the state government had failed to enforce its forest legislation policies and accused it of unlawfully handling native rights issues.

The activist group said this had led to the European Union's decision to stop timber trade talks with Malaysia over its Voluntary Partnership Agreement.
BMF also said that the root of all of Sarawak's environmental problems was the rule of Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud.
In charge of the state since 1981, Taib has recently come under fire over land deals given to his family members, as well as owning a large number of overseas properties.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Deputy Chief Minister George Chan said illgeal loggers are naughty and BN Administration is not smart enough to catch them

By FMT Staff
MIRI: “Naughty” illegal loggers and their tech-savvy “collaborators” are constantly outwitting Sarawak's enforcement agencies, Deputy Chief Minister George Tan said.
He said these collaborators used state-of-the-art telecommunication technology to escape the government's clutches.
“We have good land reserves and we have very good principles... but it is hard to catch these naughty people who are cutting down trees and clearing the land every now and then.
"Even with a helicopter, they somehow warn their people (on the ground) that we are coming," Chan said at the closing of a workshop on “Best Management Practices” for Sungai Miri River Basin Stakeholder Project here recently.
He said knowing this, the enforcement bodies should keep abreast of technological advancements and be serious about implementing policies that involved all sectors.
“As we progress and improve, we need more enforcers to implement our policies. This is something we have to work hard on...," he said.
He added that while the government was committed to minimising environmental degradation caused by human activities and development, “it was hard to bring the culprits to justice”.
"We know what is happening... we know these illegal activities may have contributed to the degradation of the environment such as erosion in some rivers in the state, such as the Rajang and Baram Rivers... but it is hard to catch the culprits," Chan said who was referring to the massive ecological disaster in Sarawak in early October.
Ecological havoc
The massive logjam disaster that stretched 250km of the Rajang River had adversely affected the livelihood of thousands, many of whom were innocent riverine folks.
This is the third such ecological havoc. The first disaster was at Ga’at in 2008 and the second at Sungai Tunoh last year.
State Land Development Minister James Masing has openly blamed the logjam on rampant illegal logging in the forests of Sungai Melatai.
Masing, who reportedly flew over the mountains of Ulu Melatai, said the logjam was caused by landslides and soil erosion resulting from uncontrolled logging.
He said the place resembled a “war zone”.
"Landslides and soil erosions have destroyed at least three hills in the area,” a news report quoted him as saying.